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DNA Part 1 - Which test do I need to order? - Debbie Atchley

  • Thursday, May 03, 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Tennessee Genealogical Society 7779 Poplar Pike, Germantown, TN 38138
  • 8


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DNA Part 1 - Which test do I need to order?

Join us for an afternoon learning of historic importance, as Debbie Atchley presents the use of DNA Testing and Genealogical Research.  This will be a two-part series.  In this workshop we will discuss the difference between the three main types of DNA tests and explain which are available at the four major DNA companies.  This class is for those who are thinking about taking a DNA test and would like an understanding of how DNA is passed from one generation to the next and how that is important in choosing the type of test that should be chosen to answer your genealogical question(s).  This workshop will not get into analyzing and comparing your ancestor's DNA, chromosome browsers, GEDMATCH, other analysis DNA analysis tools or uploading DNA results to other companies.  That will be covered in DNA Part 2 on Saturday July 28, 2018.  Deb's Blog

Bio - Deborah Towne Atchley   Debbie is a retired software engineer and retired high school math teacher.  She was born in western Kentucky, where her ancestors and many relatives have chosen to live for over two hundred years.  This made her relatives fairly easy to find in the historical record but has caused much hair pulling in DNA analysis!  Debbie started her personal genealogical research in 1977 after watching Alex Haley's Roots on TV.  She gave her first DNA sample around 2000 when Sorenson began his DNA research.  She purchased her first company DNA test with FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) in 2015 and has continued through to this day as the science changes and grows, by begging relatives for a little of their spit or cheek scrapings.  She is a member of TNGS and has taught various classes at TNGS since 2006, and holding the Let's Discuss It sessions, later with PZ Horton, until moving to Arkansas last year.  She has lived in several states and overseas and is now enjoying looking out over the cornfields in Arkansas with some of her grandchildren.


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