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Education Event-The Brick Wall Buster Technique

  • Thursday, December 16, 2021
  • 10:00 AM
  • GoToWebinar Broadcast
  • 65


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A New Tool for an Old Problem: The Brick Wall Buster

Technique by Kim Richardson

Ever feel like you are engulfed by a pile of research? Do you ever think to yourself, “If I could just get organized, I could solve this mystery?” If so, this presentation is for you!

This session explains why complex genealogy problems feel overwhelming and how to overcome it. (Don’t worry, it’s not you, and you’re not alone!) You CAN master the “thought chaos” caused by all that data swirling around in your mind. All you have to do is interact with the research in a new way and engage in activities that transform you from a (passive) data reader/collector into an (active) data user/thinker. The presentation shows you how and demonstrates a technique that:

  • ·         teaches you to handle information in a new way to see more links and relationships
  • ·         allows you to see all your research at one glance
  • ·         organizes your research for you (yes, really!)
  • ·         simplifies all the data
  • ·         shows you any gaps, errors, and conflicts
  • ·         automatically creates a narrative outline (and eliminates writers’ block!)
  • ·         helps you plan and brainstorm your way to success

Access will be through GoToWebinar. Instructions and Connectivity Link will be forwarded via email to all registrants upon registration, six days prior and 1 hour prior to the event. Making the connection is quick and easy only requiring a computer and Internet connectivity from wherever you chose to watch the event. Your questions help drive the meetings, and we will be there to help each other.


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